A medical assistant for people living with epilepsy
Aura is designed to help people living with epilepsy navigate the often complex medication management journey through support, control, and privacy. Finding the right medication (often a lifelong pursuit) requires a person to fill out a seizure diary. Aura is a wearable device that detects and records seizures automatically and follows up with the user later through a chatbot dialogue in the app. Insights collected from the chatbot and wearable allow the user to see data and trends about their condition. Reminders on the wearable discreetly alert users to take medication on time, and when a seizure occurs, Aura turns into a highly visible medical alert bracelet. The wearable provides out-loud first aid instructions to bystanders, notifies loved ones, and calls the paramedics if the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes.
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Photo of Aura project.
Photo of Aura project.
Photo of Aura project.