Build Out Box.

Van life for the weekend warrior.
Build Out Box provides a minimal, multifunctional, and modular approach to the van conversion problem space. With a welded steel frame and a heavy-duty pin system to secure it, Build Out Box can be quickly installed and uninstalled, allowing you to convert your van from a cargo or passenger vehicle into a livable adventure vehicle and back again in under 10 minutes. The box houses 2 drawers, one of which doubles as a table when extended. 3 collapsable benches and 5 cushions remain in these drawers until taken out and installed on top of the box, freeing up storage in the drawers. These benches act as seating, more storage, as well as a full-size bed when it’s time to sleep. Additionally, these benches can be rearranged as well as removed to create multiple seating and bed arrangements which can also serve to free up storage and space for hauling larger objects on your adventures. Finally, Build Out Box can be customized to fit any flat-bedded vehicle such as a minivan or truck.
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Photo of Build Out Box. project.
Photo of Build Out Box. project.
Photo of Build Out Box. project.