MAKIBAKA is a book of found objects, firsthand accounts, and newspaper clippings documenting Hawai’i Filipino’s fight to maintain their plantation style of living as Hawai’i comes into statehood.
Through 7 hours of interviews with my grandmother, I unravel her story of immigrating to Hawai'i and her commitment to her communities 30-year fight against eviction from greedy landowners in their small village called Ota Camp. All content was discovered through found objects on the internet. Keywords, locations, and names she remembered helped lead me to historical documents, articles, and legal paperwork showing my own family’s involvement with a revolutionary movement. This book tells a unique, but universal story of struggle that each wave of immigrants face entering a new place “where they don’t belong”.
Photo of MAKIBAKA project.
Photo of MAKIBAKA project.
Photo of MAKIBAKA project.