I talked with creators from across disciplines—typographers, graffiti artists, musicians, architects, photographers, smell designers, celebrity hairstylists, balloon twisters, magicians and more to see how they get their inspiration, work through creative blocks, and develop their ideas.
SCATTERBRAIN is a space where these conversations and ideas are stored and shared—a collection of video, audio, voice memos, interviews, IM’s & attachments. I wanted to create SCATTERBRAIN to give myself a platform to fuel my curiosity. This is my playground to explore new mediums, practices, and industries and get a glimpse of the breadth of creative industries and processes that are out there. SCATTERBRAIN is for conversations about creative process—a space to unravel the method in the madness. Follow @scatterbrain.files
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Photo of SCATTERBRAIN project.
Photo of SCATTERBRAIN project.
Photo of SCATTERBRAIN project.