ThankFull is a gratitude platform where people can share things they are thankful with their friends and family.
The premise of this design project is inspired by a tradition between my family and I, called the "Thanksgiving Box". I made this box 11 years ago when I was just 9 years old. Whenever we feel grateful for something that's happened in our lives, we write down a thanksgiving note and put it into the shoebox. Every Thanksgiving, we get together and read all of the cumulative notes – We now have over 300 notes in the box! As the kids grow older, we no longer all live in our child home as our parents do. We can no longer write physical notes and drop that into that shoebox, unless we're home for the holidays. I wanted to find a way to continue our Thanksgiving tradition, even miles apart.
Photo of Thankfull project.
Photo of Thankfull project.
Photo of Thankfull project.